LIME is always looking for talent to add to our team. We are a Results Only Work Environment with self-organized, cross-disciplinary teams accountable to the targets they set. We follow the principles of The Lean Startup as best we can, measuring everything to show meaningful user engagement. We are willing to be wrong because it makes when we’re right so much sweeter.

To be an effective team member at LIME, you are a self-starter, critical of your own ideas, intelligent and creative. You think through the ramifications of your choices. Evidence is the best way to prove or disprove a theory. You are a shepherd, following long projects through to conclusion rather than just “tossing them over the wall” when you’re finished with your part. You can work on your own, but would rather share your success with a team. You would never say “that’s above my pay grade” or “that’s someone else’s job” because you believe “we’re all in this together” and “your success is my success”. You believe that productivity is business value delivered, not total hours spent coding/designing.

Technical roles: Software developer, Operations, User interface, User experience

You love the web. You believe cloud-based services are the future. Web-based services without an API seem like a senseless waste to you. Your skill level isn't important, because we believe that the best employees are teachable, perpetual learners who love to share what they are learning with others. Ideally you work with Rails, Ember.js, Linux, and Amazon Web Services, but specifics don’t matter; as long as you’re bright and adaptable, you could be a fit for LIME.

Marketing roles: Social media, Graphic design, Growth hacking, Copywriting

You “get” social media. You know what makes advertising beautiful, compelling, and powerful. You love technology. You prefer a numbers-based approach to sales. In a strange way, you even kind of like the idea of programming, even if you don’t actually do any. Ideally you understand how agencies and consultancies function, you understand Twitter and Facebook as marketing tools, you know SEO and SEM, and you can dive deep into Google, Twitter, and Facebook ads.

How to apply

Send an email with your CV and cover letter to In your cover letter, tell us what your skills are and how you would put them to use at LIME. If you’re having trouble making a case, why not ask us? We’ll help you craft a good letter.


LIME attempts to be a diverse community. Age, ethnicity, gender, faith, and sexual orientation don’t concern us. Although we prefer that you’re in Halifax or Berkeley, we are open to distance workers. Humility, teachability, and leadership are far more important traits. What matters most is that you can be a strong contributor to an effective team.